We don't take reservations; the bar, like our panorama, is open to all. This goes for groups of any size for any reason - we just don't do it!
We generally don't respond to inquiries about reservations due to the volume of messages. Just come on by!

EVENts, private rentals, and photo/film shoots 

  • Bok Bar is available for your private soirees and melees on Mondays and Tuesdays only.
    No exceptions! 
  • Interested in renting Bok Bar on a Monday or Tuesday?
    Email hello@bok-bar.com and provide details of the date, head count, and event type. 
  • Interested in a photo or film shoot at Bok Bar?
    Email hello@bok-bar.com and provide details of the date, type of shoot, and any other details you feel are relevant. 

Additional Info 

  • Please keep your babies at home unless they're still attached to you, whether it be via umbilical or sling (sling limit is 6 months old or younger). If it is not a Sunday during Family Day hours, we do not make exceptions to the 21+ rule. Please and thank you!
  • But on Sundays babies and dogs are welcome, and we all know there's nothing better than babies or dogs except babies and dogs.